Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Distance Learning Diploma Course in Mechanical Engineering

National Institute of Engineering Studies (NIES) are happy to provide you variety of career oriented learning opportunities in mechanical engineering field by our Part Time diploma in Mechanical Engineering.  This is one of the most demanding career option currently, which goes around with the principle of physics, engineering and various scientific tools. Our diploma course helps you in becoming a part of fast growing designing and manufacturing industry, where you will gain knowledge about the various aspects related to manufacturing of various and complicated mechanical systems like industrial machinery, motor and electric vehicles, manufacturing industrial plants, robotics, etc. In mechanical engineering field, you grow your career in a wide range of sectors. National Institute of Engineering Studies (NIES) provides you an amazing opportunity to fulfil your dream by registering yourself for a Mechanical Engineering diploma course. Considered as one of the most extensive engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering combines the principles from physics, engineering and materials science.

Distance Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Distance Learning Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Course can be studied after completing matriculation. Career seekers looking to learn while earning, our diploma course is the best option for that purpose. Our mechanical engineering course deals covers all important factors related to field of engineering. Mechanical engineering one of its kind and a diverse and challenging field giving you opportunity related to designing, improving and building various types of mechanical devices, systems and machines in order to solve troubles across a range of industrial sectors and making everyone’s life easy in society. Our curriculum covers the design and development part of basically anything which can be considered as a machine, right from basic bicycles to washing machines to complicated fighter jets. Mechanical engineers use the combined principles of materials science and physics to design, create, analyse, and do maintenance of mechanical systems. Mechanical engineering is considered as one of the broadest types of engineering world, encompassing combustion, manufacturing processes, fluid mechanics, energy, robotics and a lot more. This course is a smart combination of technical mechanical engineering skills training with in-depth knowledge, so you can learn how to apply engineering and scientific principles when executing, managing or designing projects.

What will I learn in Correspondence Diploma in Mechanical Engineering?

  1. The curriculum of our Diploma course in mechanical engineering is prepared by experienced teachers from this field and industry experts involving the principles of engineering such as materials science, design, statics and analysis of various mechanical parts and systems.
  2. This course will also help you in understanding of core areas of this field including mechanism, dynamics and structural analysis, electrical and robotics.
  3. Mechanical engineers use the core engineering principles with the help of tools like computer-aided design for designing and analysing industrial manufacturing plants, transportation machineries, aircrafts, robotics, medical devices, industrial equipment and machineries, heating and cooling systems, watercrafts and others.
  • Is this diploma programme for me?
  • Do you love physics and mathematics?
  • Do you have curiosity to know about how things work?
  • Do you love to dismantle things to check what’s inside and fix them back together?
  • Do you feel there is an inventor inside you?
  • Do you want to build something unique and new?
  • Do you have will to contribute something to this world and make difference in people’s living?

If you have these above characteristics, then this program is definitely suitable for you.

In the current competition, Mechanical Engineering as a course is one of the top job oriented course. With our distance learning diploma course, our goal is to enable working professionals, and students to benefit from the amazing career opportunities that mechanical engineering field brings with it. Our advance diploma course allows you to learn your own pace and continue your job simultaneously. Our focus is in providing more quality education and training in order to meet the real work requirements of industry.

Career Choices

  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Transportation Industries
  • Robotics Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Indian Army
  • Indian Railways

This is just few names of industries where mechanical engineers are in demand. Mechanical engineers will always be having high demand in this modern world when engineering have eased the life of people.

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering Is Divided Into 3 Parts:








  • Eligibility for diploma in mechanical engineering is a minimum of 45% marks each of the topics with Science and mathematics student should have studied English together of the subjects in class X.
  • 10+2 (vocational) pass students/ITI pass students will get admission in second year for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Fee Structure

  • The Total fee of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is Rs- 35,500 which includes:
  • Registration Fee, Examination Fee and Study Material