Career in Civil Engineering

Career in Civil Engineering

Since ancient times, humans have been involved in building all kinds of structures in order to make live more comfortable. Right from the mud huts to Taj Mahal to Burj Khalifa, humans have definitely come a long way. Ancient and modern civil engineers have made it possible to built structures like these. If we talk about facts, the reality is that the entire infrastructural framework of a modern and advance civilisation is the creation of civil engineers. The mighty power plants, sea ports, highways dams, airports, industrial plants and inland waterways are might examples of civil engineering. Modern civil engineers are experts in building structures like tunnels, bridges, commercial complexes, skyscrapers, urban rapid transport systems, roads, sports stadia and much more.

This creates an endless demand for civil engineering job profile in government as well as private sector.

If you are interested in this field and looking to become a civil engineer, you can opt for a Diploma in Civil Engineering Course after class 10 or you can also opt for a degree in Civil engineering after 10+2 exam. Diploma program is of 3 years while degree program is of 4 years duration. Once you become a qualified civil engineer, there is a huge job opportunity in government and private sector.

Part Time Diploma In Civil Engineering

Being a civil engineer, you will have responsibility to plan, design and supervise the construction of various buildings and structures. You will require to have a good knowledge of maths and science along with good supervising and administration skills.

Being a hardworking civil engineer will also need you to be ready for sweating out at construction sites which might have stressful or hostile conditions in remote areas.  If you feel that you are ready to do the hard work, you can choose this field for your career.

If we talk about job prospects for Civil engineers, there is always massive demand for civil engineers in our country and also across the world. This demand is going to increase along with the growth of our country as we will need to upgrade our infrastructure. Career opportunities are a lot in various government departments and also in private companies. Major construction projects by government will require expertise of civil engineers for successfully completing them. Even armed forces employee civil engineers and you can also start up your own construction related business.

Salary of civil engineers in our country starts from Rs. 10-15k onwards depending on your qualifications and experience. With due experience and in-depth knowledge in this field, the pay part keeps going up along with time. Current India faces a shortage of around 10k civil engineers every year which means no civil engineer can remain jobless. In cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, civil engineers are paid high compensation similar to the IT Professionals. Civil Engineering field is always going to be in demand as construction is something which is never going to end. Join our Distance Learning Diploma in Civil Engineering program and build a great career in this field.

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