Career in BE Civil Engineering

BE in Civil Engineering Course

National Institute of Engineering Studies is offering Distance Education BE in Civil Engineering which deals with the planning, construction and maintenance of the build setting. This includes roads, bridges, canals, dams and buildings. It’s arguably one in all the oldest engineering disciplines in history.

Have you ever competed “Age of Empires?” within the game, the higher your infrastructure, the higher your probabilities of winning. It’s an ideal example of what civil engineering is all regarding. They build the world’s infrastructure and in doing thus, they form the longer term of the nations. Fascinating right? Except being fun and exciting, there’s additionally heaps of responsibility concerned as unhealthy infrastructure will mean loss of life. A civil engineer is liable for the look of safe structures in order that it meets the quality building codes for every place. These structures need to be designed keeping in mind several factors like maintenance, efficiency, and different economic considerations.

BE in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is split into many sub-disciplines such as:

  • Environmental engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Municipal or urban engineering

A student learning civil engineering is trained within the following:

  1. Surveying a web site
  2. Plotting out styles or plans of structures
  3. Constructing structures e.g. buildings, bridges, highways, tunnels, dams.
  4. Maintaining or repairing previously engineered structures.

Civil Engineering in India

To study civil engineering in India, you’ve got to require up and surpass in subjects like arithmetic, Physics and Chemistry in 10+2. Choice in graduate courses like B.E / B. tech in civil engineering relies on the marks secured within the final exams of 10+2 and therefore the performance in entrance exams. The entrance test for the IITs is JEE and for different major institutions is that the JEE – Mains. Different personal institutions have their own separate entrance exams.

Career Prospects

As we tend to saw earlier, civil engineers are in nice demand. As such, they’ll work each within the public and therefore the personal sectors. Indian civil engineers are in nice demand in Asia, Africa and therefore the middle-east. Those graduating from IITs are placed in major construction firms across the globe. The employment opportunities abroad are several so are the money incentives.

A degree in civil engineering offers the prospect of a stable career path, probably high remuneration, and therefore the chance to figure on difficult projects.

Jobs A civil engineer will work as a:

Consulting engineer – they’re people who work on the look stage of a project, collaborating with architects and different professionals.

Contracting civil engineer – this can be somebody who oversees the particular construction. They influence sensible problems like procuring materials and meeting deadlines, and serving to resolve any issues which will arise.

Maintenance engineer – essentially used to take care of instrumentality and machinery utilized in producing processes. This involves regular checking and observation, and overseeing the replacement, or upgrading of kit.

Civil Engineering compensation each year, civil engineering salaries per annum Civil engineers will realize work in the govt. sectors just like the railways, the forces, National road Authority of India, government development authorities just like the DDA and government housing authority, BHEL and plenty of additional.

Following are a number of the opposite well-known brands that rent civil engineers:

  • Gammon India Ltd.
  • Jaypee group
  • Larsen and Toubro

The earnings of a civil engineer depend on variety of things like academic qualification, form of leader, industry, location of work so on. It’s additionally vital to make sure that your academic qualification is from an acknowledged faculty. Besides monthly earnings, civil engineers in each the general public furthermore because the personal sector relishes several perks and edges.

Pros & Cons


  • The work is difficult and therefore the scope of growth is huge in an exceedingly developing society.
  • You derive the satisfaction of seeing your masterpieces.
  • The pay is nice and comes with several edges.


  • The construction business is at risk of fluctuations within the economy.
  • Civil engineers typically work in varied settings shifting from stylish trendy offices to construction sites in remote areas.

So get enroll today in BE in Civil Engineering Program at National Institute of Engineering Studies (NIET).

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